Terms & Conditions

Aug, 8, 2023

Updated as of 8 August 2023

Terms and Conditions

1. Registration

1.1 Acceptance of the registration is subject to availability of seats for the cohort.

1.2 A welcome email confirming the program will be issued usually one (1) week before the program start date.

1.3 Additional books will be required to supplement the learning as part of the coach
certification program. The registered participant will be required to purchase
hardcopy books or e-books on their own. Details of the books purchase will be
provided during program commencement.

1.4 The personal data collected will be used for the purposes of managing and
administering the program, examination and certification and may be disclosed to
Progress-U’s partners and service providers and certification awarding bodies. The
registered participant’s consent of the above is required for the attendance of the

2. Payment

2.1 The registered participant is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions
herein upon payment of the program fees.

2.2 All payment must be received by Progress-U by the payment due date, prior to
the commencement of the program. Failing which, the registered participant will
not be allowed to join the upcoming intake and will join the next intake after the
full payment is received.

2.3 All program fees reflected on the website are net of any taxes.

3. Changes and Modifications

3.1 The program schedule, content, fees and availability may be subjected to change.

3.2 In the event of any changes as stated in Clause 3.1, the registered participant may
exercise one of the following options:
(a) Enrol in the same program with the new schedule. If there is a change in the
program fee for the said programme, the registered participant shall pay the
difference between the old fee and the new fee.
(b) Withdraw from the program. Progress-U will refund the full fee if the registered
participant had already paid the fee.

4. Substitution

4.1 The registered participant may invite another person, or another person within the
same organisation, to substitute his/her place in the program. All requests to
transfer a registration must be received in email at [email protected] no
later than five (5) working days prior to the program commencement. Such
requests are subjected to approval by Progress-U.

5. Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refund

5.1 Progress-U reserves the right to cancel any program at its absolute discretion. In
the event that the registered participant’s program is cancelled prior to its
commencement, Progress-U will refund the full program fees already paid by the
registered participant.

5.2 Any request to withdraw from a confirmed program must be received in writing.
An administration fee of USD$500 will be imposed for withdrawal. The refund
policy for a withdrawal is as follows:
Before 1 month prior to program

Full refund less administration fee of

14 days prior to program commencement 50% refund less administration fee of

Up to 14 days prior to program commencement

No refund

6. Deferment

6.1 Any request to defer from a confirmed program must be received in writing. The
deferment policy is as follows:

7. Repeat Module

7.2 A registered participant will be required to attend a minimum number of sessions
in the program. If the participant missed more sessions than permitted as
established by Progress-U guidelines (stated in Progress-U program participant’s
guide), the participant will be required to repeat such module with an upcoming
cohort. There will be a USD$250 administration charge to be paid.

8. Assignment Deadline Extension

8.1 A registered participant will need to complete all assignments and program
requirements within 1 year from the commencement of the program.

8.2 Should a participant request for assignment deadline extension, there will be an
administration charge of USD$250 for Progress-U to process the request.

9. Alumni Community & Outreach

9.1 Upon completion of the program, the registered participant will be part of the
Progress-U Alumni Community. Progress-U aims to keep the Alumni community
informed of Progress-U initiatives and activities, programs, invitation to events,
updating of participant’s information and sending of communication collaterals.
a) Deferment is only allowed once for each confirmed program upon request
submitted by registrant, up to one week after the program commencement
b) In cases where there is an increase in course fees to join the deferred program
run, the registrant is liable to pay the difference in fees accordingly.
Updated as of 8 August 2023

9.2 By signing up for Progress-U coach certification program, the registered
participant will be added to Progress-U mailing list to receive related marketing,
advertising and promotional information, via electronic mail, or any other social
media platforms, and/or voice calls.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 Information, materials, and content provided by Progress-U in the context of the
coach certification program, including but not limited to course materials,
training modules, manuals, presentations, exercises, and any other related
materials (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Materials”), are the exclusive
property of Progress-U or its licensors, and are protected under intellectual
property laws.

10.2 If the registered participant wishes to use any part of the Materials or any
information obtained from any Progress-U programs for purposes other than
personal use, they must seek prior written permission from Progress-U. Such
requests should be made in writing to [email protected] to seek approval.

10.3 The sponsoring organisation and/or registered participant shall observe all the
legal requirements of copyright for all materials issued by Progress-U.