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2017 Global Conference of ‘The Global Coaching Partnership’ in Hong Kong hosted by Progress-U

The Global Coaching PartnershipWe are highly excited about the unique opportunity to host the 2017 conference of The Global Coaching Partnership (TGCP) in Hong Kong in the week of 15th May 2017. Representatives of some of the finest coaching organizations on the globe will meet to share ideas and shape the future development of coaching. We will organize learning and sharing events that will allow you to connect with and learn from these global experts. Stay tuned or contact [email protected] for more information.


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A Growing Trend in South East Asia: In-house Coaching Skills Development and Certification programs for Senior Leaders

Organizations in Singapore and Malaysia are increasingly recognizing the importance of developing coaching capacity of senior leaders to drive the development of talent and build their internal leadership pipeline. Many are choosing to attend internal or public programs to ensure they learn these skills in a structured, professional manner and to provide them with the opportunity to attain international certification with an international coach certification body. Currently, we are working with two major banks with global headquarter in South East Asia to launch an internal coach certification program.

Read: "New Trend in Asia: C-level Executives Certified as Talent Coaches", published in Human Resources, authored by Charlie Lang

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