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1. Transformational Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
with Charlie Lang

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2.Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast – Really?
with Charlie Lang

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Shaping Corporate Cultures

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This quote, attributed to Peter Drucker, indicates the enormous importance of corporate culture for organizational success.

According to Harvard Business School, 90% of businesses fail to achieve their strategic goals largely due to the gap between strategic planning and strategy execution. Consequently, the statement “It’s better to have an ordinary strategy well executed than a great strategy poorly executed” makes a lot of sense.

But how to execute a strategy in the best possible way?

While the corporate culture may not be the only answer to that question, it’s certainly a critical one. “Culture is how people behave when no-one is watching.” With organizations increasingly getting digitalized, less and less anyone is actually watching what employees do. Hence, organizational culture has never been more crucial for successful strategy execution.

Progress-U’ unique and systematic approach to shaping organizational cultures includes:

  • Assessment of Potential of Top Leadership Team
  • Clarifying Direction (Vision / Purpose / Strategy / Major Goals)
  • Fine-tuning of Progress-U’s unique Culture Success Formula for your Business
  • Agile and Frequent Measurement of Culture Elements
  • Designing and Delivering Leadership & Team Interventions that Help Shape the Ideal Culture
  • Providing Assistance with Optimizing Structures to Support the Culture Development

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If you want to know how to build, compliment or enhance your current corporate culture strategy, then we can help you.

Culture Success Formulas

At the heart of Progress-U’s approach to Culture Shaping are Progress-U’s unique Culture Success Formulas. They are templates that describe essential, desirable and avoidable elements of the ideal organizational culture.

Based on these Culture Success Formulas, numerous culture shaping initiatives are designed and executed to achieve the desired cultural changes.

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