POA Optimism Assessment

POA Optimism Assessment

POA Optimism Assessment


Progress-U developed the POA Optimism Assessment based on Dr. Martin Seligman's groundbreaking book "Learned Optimism".


Why POA Optimism Assessment?

  • Awareness is the first step for any positive changes - the POA provides insights into your tendencies related to optimism
  • Efficient - it takes only 15-20 mins to complete the questionnaire
  • Saves Time in Coaching - with the results from the POA, a competent coach can fast-track your development related to optimism

The POA questionnaire is taken online, the POA report can be provided within one business day (on request faster) from completion of questionnaire.



Learned Optimism Video




Our Approach for more information on how we can assist you with the POA Optimism Assessment.