Ruma Biswas

Executive Coach & Facilitator

About this coach

He is an executive coach and facilitator based in India. He has extensive experience working with senior executives and leaders, coaching and supporting them in leveraging their strengths and experience to further develop their leadership.

In his coaching practice, he blends the systemic, the metaphorical and core human psyche approaches together with other techniques grounded in research and a clear business focus to guide his clients towards more impactful results for themselves and their stakeholders. Beyond helping his clients in key areas such as communication, stakeholder engagement and creating visibility within the organization, he enables his clients to develop a systemic view of their organization.

Having worked with senior executives from very different parts of the world, he brings in the Cultural Intelligence dimension to leadership development when working with multinational teams and global engagement structures.

He spent nearly three decades in Information Technology with over 15 years as a technologist and serving as CTO for Siemens Shared Service India and later served in senior executive positions at T-Systems India, Capgemini and Software Quality Systems. He also has been a part time voluntary social worker for the Trinity Charitable Trust mentoring the management boards and enabling the operational excellence of their orphanage and college. He holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Science & Engineering and was amongst the high potentials at Siemens who underwent an extensive Change Agent program at MIT Sloan, Stanford, INSEAD and IIM Bangalore.


  • Graduate Engineer in Computer Science & Engineering, Karnataka University (distinction)
  • Change Agent 2000 – MIT Sloan, Stanford, INSEAD and IIM B
  • Strategic Goal Setting – Siemens
  • Harvard Business School – Executive Leadership Program
  • Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™), Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™)

Expertise / Services Provided

  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Organizational Change Consulting
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Culture Change in Organizations

Assessments / Tools

  • Harrison Assessments
  • TrueProgress 360 Degree Assessment
  • Progress-U PTC Team Coaching Assessment
  • Progress-U POA Optimism Assessment


  • English (fluent)
  • German
  • Hindi (native)
  • Malayalam (native)

Corporate Experience

  • Nearly 3 decades experience in the Industry with over 10 holding executive leadership positions.
  • Working as Change Agent in different organizations
  • Coaching and mentoring “C” suite clients

International Exposure

  • Born and raised India.
  • Lived in Germany, England, France, US and now India.
  • Worked with clients from Europe, Asia, Australia and the US

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