Leveraging the Power of Harrison Assessments (HA) in Talent Selection & Development

Key Highlights

  • how Harrison Assessments can help accelerate your hiring process
  • how Harrison Assessments can help you with talent development 
  • the link between Harrison Assessments, enjoyment and performance and why this is critical
  • the power of paradoxical behaviours and how Harrison Assessments measures your tendencies
  • why measuring 175 aspects in 20-30 minutes makes all the difference

Who is the briefing for?

  • HR and L&D Leaders looking for a very powerful tool for talent selection and/or talent development 
  • Any professional coach or consultant who wants to add Harrison Assessments (HA) to their assessments toolkit


Tues 17 Jan
12.30hrs – 14.00hrs (SGT/HKT/UTC+8)

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