Progress-U is one of the pioneers of Group Coaching in Asia. Group Coaching is distinctively different from ‘Team Coaching’. Team Coaching works on team dynamics, especially how to increase productivity and positivity of a team.

Group Coaching is not about teams, in fact, participants in a Group Coaching session might not even know each other. What the group has in common is a similar learning/development goal. Group Coaching therefore is quite similar to 1:1 Coaching and is usually conducted in groups of 3-8 participants.

Group Coaching is also a very effective approach to follow up after training programs to support participants during the implementation and integration of new skills, approaches and concepts.

Group Coaching may be conducted in classroom settings as well as virtually by phone or video conference.

Virtual or in Person?

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Coaching traditionally was delivered in person. However, two trends make virtual coaching increasingly attractive:

  1. The need for social distancing post-pandemic makes virtual delivery of coaching a viable option
  2. Video conferencing technology has vastly improved in recent years so that the difference between coaching in person and coaching virtually has become minimal.

Other benefits of coaching virtually:

  • Saving commuting time for coach and/or coachee
  • Scheduling is easier because it can be done from anywhere
  • The best coaches can be selected independent from their actual location