Why Coaching?

The word ‘coach’ originates from the Hungarian word ‘kocsi’ (in German “Kutsche”) which means a horse-cart. The purpose of such horse-cart is to help passengers to get their destination as fast, as conveniently, and as safely as possible.

We consider this kind of coach a very appropriate metaphor for how we see coaching. The main purpose is to assist our clients in getting to where they want to be in a way that is as fast, as safe, and as effective as possible.

1:1 Coaching

Progress-U’s comprehensive methodology is designed to achieve desired outcomes and more in the most effective way.

Developing to the Next Level of Leadership

Business Change Management / Crisis Management

Developing Higher Emotional Intelligence

Enhancing Your Executive Presence

Sounding Board for Better Decision Making

Becoming a More Inspiring Leader

and more…

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Team / Systems Coaching

An innovative and transformative approach to developing higher productivity and positivity in teams.

Integrating Vision, Strategy, Values and Mission into Team Practices

Driving a Climate of Trust and Clarity during Turbulent Times or Leadership Change

Managing Open & Hidden Conflicts Safely and Productively

Overcoming Silo Mentality and Working as ONE Team

Managing Complex Stakeholder Systems

and more…

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Coaching Culture

A systematic methodology to drive a Coaching Culture in your organization.

Reviewing Vision, Purpose and Values to Align with Coaching Culture

Continuous Agile Measurement of Coaching Culture

Developing Leaders to Become Skilled Coach Practitioners

Enabling Coach-Style Communication across the Organization

Raising Cohesiveness, Connectedness and Trust in Teams for Higher Commitment across the Board

and more…

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Pair / Group Coaching

Expand the benefits of professional coaching to a broader target group in an economical way.

Learning How to Better Deal with Stressful Situations

Developing Essential Leadership Competencies

Improving Executive Presence as a Leader

Effective Follow-Up on Commitments & Action Plans after Soft Skills Development Programs

Continuous ‘Sharpening of the Saw’ after a Learning Initiative

and more…

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Leader As A Coach Skills

Supports leaders and managers to integrate coaching skills for employees’ performance improvement and development of potential.

Obtaining recognition for integrating competent coaching in your leadership repertoire

Enhancing your team members’ motivation and engagement through regular and effective coaching

Developing trusted relationships with your people to boost morale and enhance loyalty

Driving sustainable high performance through effectively addressing underlying challenges and needed support

Learning how to integrate meaningful assessments to better identify root causes of certain behaviors of your employees

and more…

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Group Coaching For Women

Supports women who want a significant change in Seeing and Being Seen.

Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome

Navigating the Politics of Power Play

Finding your Purpose

Maintaining Balance between Home and Work

Raising Your Presence and Personal Brand

How to have Courageous Conversations​

Working through Career Challenges and Maximizing Career Potential

and more…

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