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Progress-U and SMG partnership

In 2023 Progress-U merged with SMG, an Australian-based executive development firm with an Asia-Pacific footprint which partners with individuals and organisations to develop world-class leadership capability and to unlock organisational potential.

Within this new partnership, we have redistributed service delivery, continuing to deliver world-class coaching accreditation within Progress-U and delivering other services through SMG.

SMG has been providing bespoke executive coaching, mentoring, leadership development and culture change solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies in this region for over two decades, and we are proud to be part of the SMG family.

Executive Coaching
For executive coaching or mentoring, leadership development or culture change, visit SMG
Executive coaching and mentoring

Developing world-class leaders

Globally, coaching and mentoring are considered to be the most effective solutions for ensuring sustained high performance from an organisation’s most critical talent. For more than twenty years, some of the best performing organisations in the region have entrusted SMG to provide these services. 

SMG understands organisation and business context and our coaches are trained to get to the core issues quickly to provide both insight and practical strategies and techniques to empower executives to maximise their effectiveness. 

Leadership development

Leadership development

SMG partners with organisations through “Discovery”, “Design” and “Deploy” phases to implement targeted or enterprise-wide leadership development solutions that meet leaders where they are: learning that is relevant, appropriate and highly engaging.  

Considering different levels of leadership and how they interact within the context of the whole organisation helps ensure leadership development has lasting impact. 

Culture change

Corporate culture transformation

SMG takes a coaching-led approach to achieving sustainable culture change: requiring vision and commitment from the Board, CEO and executive team and an alignment of the whole organisation with a strategy that delivers on results.  

By applying a proven 5E’s methodology, SMG helps build the leadership habits and behaviours that over time precipitate an organizational culture that delivers high performance and continuous improvement. 


SMG’s coaches, mentors and facilitators bring the unique combination of strong commercial experience and perspective combined with qualifications and training in deep psychological and behavioural science theory and practice. Each team member undergoes rigorous and continuous professional development and ongoing supervision. 

All have extensive past and current business experience and have generally held senior level executive positions, including C-suite and CEO roles with significant organisations. This enables us to seamlessly work with executives in their complex contextual environments. In partnership, we help these leaders enable the desired behaviour change and optimise their effectiveness.

For world-class executive coaching and mentoring, leadership development and culture change, visit the SMG site to find out more.