(ICC) Program - Shanghai (Putonghua) 国际企业教练(ICC)项目——上海(中文版)

International Corporate Coaching Program (ICC)

The only WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™ (total of 178 hours) and ICF approved (85 coach specific training hours) coach certification program in Asia.

亚洲唯一经WABC世界企业教练协会(1级 – RCC)™认证(总时长178小时)、被ICF国际教练联合会(85小时教练具体培训时间)认可的教练资格认证项目。

WABC Accredited Level I    ICF ACSTH Approved


Why attend this program? 为什么要参加这个项目?

You have high standards for yourself, and you want to make sure that you get a very solid professional coach training.


This is one of the most comprehensive and demanding coach training programs in Asia. It was carefully developed to meet the standards of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


  • You want a program that is really suitable to practice coaching in Asia.
  • You prefer a program that focuses on specific issues related to corporate coaching (in-house or external).
  • You expect a coach certification program with a solid track record.
  • 您想要一个真正适合在亚洲进行教练实践的项目。
  • 您所希望的项目应更关注与企业(内部或外部)教练相关的具体问题。
  • 您所期望的教练认证项目应具备可靠的跟踪记录。


Who should attend?  谁应该参加这个项目?

  • Executive-level professionals and consultants who wish to attend a program focused on the specific challenges associated with corporate coaching as well as deepen their current coaching expertise, or other professionals seeking to acquire new skills to become an effective coach or mentor.
  • The program is limited to 12 places and participants must have a good command of Putonghua.
  • 希望参与如下项目的高级管理层人士和顾问:该项目关注与企业教练相关的具体挑战、可深化其目前的教练专业知识;或其他寻求获得新技能以成为专业教练或导师的专业人士。
  • 该项目限于在12个城市开展,并要求参与者具备良好的普通话运用能力。


What you will learn  您将学习到的内容

Module 1a: “Introduction"  模块1a:“入门”
  • The optimal coaching mindset
  • Essential coaching competencies
  • Your personal strengths as a future coach, and the areas you should develop further (using the Harrison Assessment)
  • Coaching models for one coaching session (GROW/ASSAPP)
  • 最佳教练心态 
  • 基本教练能力
  • (通过哈里逊评估)发现自己未来作为一名教练的优势,以及需要进一步发展的领域
  • 一次教练会议的教练模式(GROW或ASSAPP)
Module 1b: “Foundation"  模块1b:“基础”
  • Professional foundations for effective coaching II
  • Further coaching competencies
  • Coaching processes for complete coaching assignments
  • How to find your own coaching style
  • Introduction to assessments and their use in coaching
  • 高效教练的专业基础(二)
  • 更深入的教练能力
  • 完成教练任务的教练流程
  • 如何发现自己的教练风格
  • 了解评估工具,以及它们在教练中的作用
Module 2a: “Intermediate" 模块2a:“中级”
  • Various NLP tools for coaching (SOAR, Metamodel, etc.)
  • Creating a corporate coaching culture
  • Coaching for performance
  • 各种教练的NLP工具(SOAR、Metamodel等)
  • 营造企业教练文化
  • 绩效教练
Module 2b: “Proficiency" 模块2b:“精通”
  • Coaching with intuition
  • Understanding Projection in coaching
  • Internal versus external coaching
  • Coaching in critical situations
  • 直觉教练
  • 了解教练规划
  • 内部与外部教练
  • 棘手情况下的教练

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Module 1a: “Introduction”:   24-25 January 2019
模块1a:“入门”:2019年1月24日 - 1月25日

Module 1b: “Foundation”:    07-08 March 2019
模块1b:“基础”:2019年3月07日 - 3月08日

Module 2a: “Intermediate”:  11-12 April 2019
模块2a:“中级”:2019年4月11日 - 4月12日

Module 2b: “Proficiency”:    16-17 May 2019
模块2b:“精通”:2019年5月16日 - 5月17日


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