ICC Module 3 "Transition"

International Corporate Coaching program (ICC) - Module M3: "Transition"

WABC Level 1 accredited WABC Level 2 accreditation 
This module is part of an ICF ACSTH approved as well as WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™ and WABC Accredited (Level 2 - CBC)™ program.


Entry Criteria

You qualify to attend this program, if

  • You have completed ICC Module M2 "Intermediate" (or previously named 'M1b "Foundation"), or
  • You have completed another professional coach certification program with at least 40 hours of
    coach specific training and at least 35 hours of coaching practice (after completing such program), and
  • You successfully pass the coaching practice assessment conducted with our program director (not required for those who attended an ICC program before)

NOTE: Acceptance of participants to M3 is subject to a review of the contents of any other program
attended to ensure that the contents and format fulfill our requirements.

In this Module you will learn

  • Coaching with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Handling Critical Coaching Situations
  • The SOAR Model to Handle Interpersonal Challenges
  • Introduction to Developing a Corporate Coaching Culture
  • Influencing approaches in Coaching

Who is it for (note above entry criteria)

  • HR and L&D Professionals who want to coach internally
  • Senior Executives who want to coach talents
  • HR and Executive Search Consultants who want to add coaching to their repertoire of services
  • Anyone else who considers becoming a professional coach


Over the in total 46.5 coach specific hours gained in this module you will:

  • Become more proficient in coaching
  • Learn additional skills, tools and techniques for improved coaching effectiveness
  • Develop further coaching versatility

The skills you will learn and integrate into your life can be practiced in any area of coaching but the
program is designed by Executive Coaches specifically for Executive and Business Coaching
– both internal or external.


Facilitation & Handouts in English Language (fluency in English language is a requirement for any participant)


  • Digital Micro-Learning
  • 4*2hrs Virtual Workshops of condensed learning
  • 1 Teleclass to follow-up on coaching practice (90 minutes)
  • 1 Supervised Practice Session (90 mins with 3 participants each)
  • Self Study: 1 x book review ("What Got You Here, Won't Get You There")
  • 6 hours 'client' coaching (non-peers)
  • 3 hours 'peer' coaching
  • 3.5 hours of Group Mentor Coaching
  • Access to Progress-U's digital platform (for further resources & managing assigments)