ICC-Module 2b "Proficiency" Shanghai 2019-1 Putonghua 国际企业教练项目(ICC)—— 模块M2b“精通”

International Corporate Coaching program (ICC) - Module M2b: "Proficiency"
国际企业教练项目(ICC)—— 模块M2b“精通”

WABC Level 1 accredited WABC Level 2 accreditation 
This module is part of an ICF ACSTH approved as well as WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™ and WABC Accredited (Level 2 - CBC)™ program.
该模块是被国际教练联合会(ICF)的ACSTH申请途径认可、且经世界企业教练协会(WABC 1级 – RCC™和2级 – CBC™)认证的项目之一。


Entry Criteria   准入条件

You qualify to attend this program, if

  • You have completed ICC Module M2a "Intermediate", or
  • You have completed another professional coach certification program with at least 60 hours of
    coach specific training and at least 50 hours of coaching practice (after completing such program)
  • You successfully pass the coaching practice assessment conducted with our program director

NOTE: Acceptance of participants to M2b is subject to a review of the contents of any other program
attended to ensure that the contents and format fulfill our requirements.


  • 已完成ICC模块M2a“中级”,或
  • 已完成其他专业教练认证项目,且该项目包含至少60小时的教练具体培训时长和项目结束后至少50小时的教练实践
  • 已成功通过与我们的项目总监一起进行的教练练习评估



In this Module you will learn  在这个模块您将学到

  • Coaching with Intuition
  • Understanding Projection and how to apply in Coaching
  • Coaching in Critical Situations
  • Using Visualization in Coaching
  • Further Fine-Tuning of Coaching Approach
  • Coaching Exam (Evaluated Coaching Practice Session)
  • 直觉教练
  • 了解教练规划以及在教练中的运用
  • 棘手情况下的教练
  • 教练中的视觉化法则
  • 进一步调整教练方法
  • 教练考试(被评估的教练练习会议)


Who is it for (note above entry criteria)   目标群体(以上“准入条件”的备注)

  • HR and L&D Professionals who want to coach internally
  • Senior Executives who want to coach talents
  • HR and Executive Search Consultants who want to add coaching to their repertoire of services
  • Anyone else who considers becoming a professional coach
  • 想在企业内部拓展教练的人力资源和培训与发展部的专业人士
  • 想进行人才教练的高级管理人员
  • 想将教练加入他们服务目录的人事和猎头顾问
  • 所有想成为专业教练的人


Details  细节

Over the in total 49 coach specific hours gained in this module you will:

  • Achieve proficiency so that you will feel comfortable to start working as a professional coach
    internally or externally
  • Learn additional tools that can be useful in coaching
  • Develop a deeper understanding of possible challenges coachees might face and how to
    deal with them

The skills you will learn and integrate into your life can be practiced in any area of coaching but
the program is designed by Executive Coaches specifically for Executive and Business Coaching
– both internal or external.


  • 获得娴熟的教练技能,作为内部或外部的教练进行工作时会感到得心应手
  • 学到更多在教练中有用的工具
  • 对教练过程中可能会遇到的挑战有更深入的理解,并知道如何处理应对



Language   语言

Facilitation & Handouts in Chinese (Putonghua)   培训语言和材料均为中文(普通话)



  • 2 x Contact Days of condensed learning     为期2天的浓缩学习
  • 2 x teleclasses (90 minute)     2次电话课程(90分钟)
  • Home study: 1 x book review    课后学习:1本书评
  • Home study: 1 x final essay on your Coach Development Journey    课后学习:1篇以您的“教练发展之旅”为主题的最后论文
  • 3 hours 'peer' coaching     3小时同伴互助教练
  • 6 hours 'client' coaching     6小时“客户”教练
  • Lunches & Tea Breaks      午餐和茶歇
  • Access to Progress-U e-teach platform (for further resources & managing assigments)      进入Progress-U的远程教学平台(获得更多资源及管理作业)
  • One year WABC Affiliate Membership™ (if signing up for both M1a/b + M2a/b)
  • WABC Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) certificate



  • 16 May 2019 - 17 May 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • China Time
  • 2019年5月16日 至 2019年5月17日
  • 上午9点至下午5点
  • 北京时间



Progress-U Office (Shanghai)
Conference Room
6/F., 189 Changshou Road
Putuo District
Shanghai 200060
+86-21 3256 5557

中国 上海 200060
+86-21 3256 5557


Registration   登记表

For more info and registration, please contact [email protected] or download the registration form below.
请联系 [email protected] 以了解更多信息,或下载下方登记表进行报名。


  Registration Form Shanghai - Chinese


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