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Progress-U's Professional Corporate Coach Certification Programs (PCCCPs) are among the most solid, innovative and impactful coach development programs in the market. First launched in 2006, it has since undergone many improvements, extensions and upgrades - especially in the wake of getting international accreditations:

We feel also honored to partner with Singapore Management University since 2015. Their inputs further enhanced the excellence in delivering these programs.

We felt it's time for a major modernization and optimization of the program to make something that consistently received very positive feedback even better. The integration of Digital Micro-Learning has proven to significantly enhance the impact on the participants engaged in learning coaching. The increased integration of virtual elements allows for more flexibility.

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PCCCP Program Options

You may select any of these program options, it's always possible to upgrade in case you don't immediately want to commit to Option 5 (M1-M10)


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Why Attend Progress-U's PCCCP?


Why attend the PCCCP?




PCCCP Program Schedule (M1-M4)

International Corporate Coaching Program (ICC) - Intake 1, 2020

Note: all times are HKT / CST / SGT


M1 "Foundation"

(2 days In-Person Workshop)


M2 "Intermediate"

(4 Virtual Workshops)


M3 "Transition"

(4 Virtual Workshops)


M4 "Proficiency"

(2 days In-Person Workshop)

Hong Kong





New Schedule to be
announced shortly



M1: 24-25 January 2020



M2: 21-22 February 2020



M3: 27-28 March 2020



M4: 24-25 April 2020






New Schedule to be
announced shortly






View current
schedule on
SMU's Website

PCCCP Program Schedule (M5-M10)

Advanced Professional Coaching Program (APC)

Note: all times are HKT / CST / SGT


M5 "Coaching with EQ & Intuition"
(6 Virtual Workshops)


M6 "Coaching with Assessments"
(6 Virtual Workshops)


M7 "Group Coaching"
(6 Virtual Workshops)



M8 "Team/Systems Coaching"
(2 days In-Person Workshop)



M9 "Career Coaching"
(6 Virtual Workshops)


M10 "High-Level Executive Coaching"
(2 days In-Person Workshop)


M5a: 12/Feb 2020, 5-7pm
M5b: 18/Feb 2020, 5-7pm
M5c: 19/Feb 2020, 5-7pm


M6a: 31/Mar 2020, 5-7pm
M6b: 01/Apr 2020, 5-7pm
M6c: 07/Apr 2020, 5-7pm


M7a: 05/May 2020, 5-7pm
M7b: 06/May 2020, 5-7pm
M7c: 12/May 2020, 5-7pm


M8: 09/10 June 2020 in Singapore
M8: 16/17 June 2020 in Hong Kong
M8: 10/11 June 2020 in Mumbai


M9a: 08/July 2020, 5-7pm
M9b: 10/July 2020, 5-7pm
M9c: 15/July 2020, 5-7pm

M10: 25/26 August 2020 in Singapore
M10: 01/02 September 2020 in Hong Kong
M10: 08/09 September 2020 in Mumbai


M5d: 25/Feb 2020, 5-7pm
M5e: 26/Feb 2020, 5-7pm

M5f: 03/Mar 2020, 5-7pm


M6d: 08/Apr 2020, 5-7pm
M6e: 14/Apr 2020, 5-7pm
M6f: 15/Apr 2020, 5-7pm


M7d: 13/May 2020, 5-7pm
M7e: 19/May 2020, 5-7pm
M7f: 20/May 2020, 5-7pm





M9d: 17/July 2020, 5-7pm
M9e: 22/July 2020, 5-7pm
M9f: 24/July 2020, 5-7pm




How We Develop Coaching Excellence


ICC / APC Program Structure & Components

Program Overview - International Corporate Coaching Program (ICC)


Program Overview - ICC

Program Overview - Advanced Professional Coaching Program (APC)


Program Overview - APC


PCCCP Package Options


Program Options

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