Professional Corporate Coach Certification Programs

When founded in 2002, Progress-U was one of the pioneers of the professional coaching industry and has developed over 300 best of class executive/corporate coaches since 2006.

Progress-U Asia Innovative Coaching InstituteProgress-U's Asia Innovative Coaching Institute (AICI) was founded with the mission to keep innovating the coaching profession and to develop best of class professional coaches.

Progress-U's Professional Corporate Coach Certification Programs (PCCCP) have been carefully developed to comply with the strict requirements of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). The PCCCP is the only suite of coach certification programs in Asia that is both WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™ and WABC Accredited (Level 2 - CBC)™ as well as ICF ACSTH approved. The various modules may also be used for re-certification as they are also ICF CCE approved.

Progress-U's offering related to coach training includes:

About the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™)

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™) is the leading global authority for the business coaching industry. With the highest membership standards, the most rigorous evidence-based programs and a superior system of qualifications for business coaches and a world-class accreditation process for business coaching training programs—WABC has done more than any other organization to identify the tasks, qualities and skills of the business coach. WABC's activities help decision-makers around the world when they screen, hire, train and evaluate business coaches.

WABC Level 1 accredited (RCC)    WABC Level 2 accredited (CBC)


About the International Coach Federation (ICF)

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

ICF ACSTH   ICF CCE approved

International Corporate Coaching (ICC) Program

This program is designed for anyone who wants to develop professional level coaching ability and has little or no formal coach training prior to joining this program.

International Corporate Coaching Program (ICC) Overview

The ICC is currently offered in

Hong Kong Hong Kong - more details ...

Mumbai  Mumbai - more details ...

  Shanghai - English - more details ...

  Shanghai - Putonghua - more details ...

Singapore  Singapore in cooperation with SMU - more details ...

Dates of Upcoming Intakes 

  Overview of dates of upcoming intakes across Asia


Progress-U AICI Faculty / Lead Instructors


Advanced Professional Coaching (APC) Program

This program is designed exclusively for practicing internal or external coaches who have had significant coach training and experience.

Adbanced Professional Coaching Program (APC)


The APC is currently offered in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore


Dates of Upcoming Intakes


 Overview of dates of upcoming intakes across Asia

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