Leaders who coach build teams with increased engagement and performance

Leader as a Coach program

The “Leader as a Coach” Program can be customized as an in-house program to develop your leaders with the coaching mindset to effectively coach for optimal performance. Successful completion results in an “Internal Coach” certification with the option to upgrade to the Level 1/2 certification program.

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Essentials of Coaching

Your leaders will receive everything they need to become effective leaders through coaching, including:

  • the first 6 core coaching competencies
  • 5 aspects of the coaching mindset
  • 4 different coaching processes &models
  • enhanced self-awareness through your Harrison Assessments Paradox Report
  • an understanding when to coach and when to use other approaches

After the Module 1 workshops, you will practice coaching under supervision with comprehensive feedback.


Versatility in Coaching

Develop a higher degree of coaching versatility to effectively coach a broader range of people; and develop a deeper understanding of human psychology and its impact on motivation and performance.

Consolidate your learning from Module 1, and:

  • learn 3 additional coaching competencies
  • develop your personal foundations as a coach
  • understand coaching with assessments

Outcomes upon completing Corporate In-house Programs

Upon completion of this program your leaders will feel confident that they can coach their team members in an effective manner, whether on performance topics or to help them live up to their potential.

They will also have developed a good understanding of when to coach and when other approaches are more appropriate. Graduation from this program leads to Progress-U’s Internal Coach Certification.


During 20+ years of developing coaching excellence, we realized that a multi-disciplinary approach yields far better results. Our curriculum integrates both the art and science of coaching to enable participants to achieve transformative results through coaching.

We also know that practice alone does not make perfect, but practice with meaningful feedback does – so throughout our coach education programs, different forms of supervised practice are emphasized to ensure the development of coaching excellence.



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