A specially curated complimentary bite-sized program for more effective conversations. 

We have specially handpicked these 3 useful coaching skills, from our accredited coach program, that you can sharpen by practicing them everyday. If you would like to inspire a deeper change in your daily conversations, consider joining our Leader As A Coach program to level-up your coaching competencies. 

Being non-judgemental

In our daily interactions, we make judgments all the time. When you replace judgement with genuine curiosity and appreciation of another’s state of thinking, amazing communication happens!

Building trust

Sufficient trust and rapport in a relationship, encourages communication that is open and free. By applying the CRC Concept (Competence-Rapport-Care) and Matching logic, you will experience a meaningful difference in your conversations!

Powerful Questioning

The ability to ask powerful questions is at the heart of any conversation. For a more productive and richer conversation, use effective open-ended questions. Effective questioning also requires effective listening and a non-judgmental state of mind.

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