Newplacement Coaching


Why NewPlacement Coaching?

When your business faces challenges, organizional restructuring is sometimes unavoidable. At the same time you need to protect your employer brand, maintain your productivity and stay loyal to your company values and people.

Our NewPlacement Coaching program is desigend to guide you through the changes of restructuring and their consequences, i.e. redundancy of top-level managers and executives. We support you and your departing/leaving executives. Careful planning and implementation is therefore critical. Our services are structured around an empathetic, transparent and discrete communication strategy for those affected by your organizational change.

To ensure productivity stays on target, we offer management coaching and appropriate emotional and practical support to their workforce during and after these difficult and challenging times.

NewPlacement by Progress-U is a professional coaching service to accommodate your management team and the immediately affected executive. We show care and discretion and help minimize the trauma associated with the restructuring and help manage their career.

Our structured and unique end-to-end process will be designed towards the affected executive and his/her team. If required, we will assist your company with in- and external communication of this event to help you safeguard your brand and image.

How it works

Candidates will follow a 9-step process to evaluate their passion, assess their environment and prepare them for the next phase in their live. We use Executive Coaching methods as well as assessment tools such as Aspects of Life Inventory and Harrison Assessments where applicable. If required counseling and additional practical direct support can be provided.

In addition, we support the employer with the planning, implementation and post termination phase as needed.

Our professionally trained coaches know how to support and transition candidates in a resourceful manner into new positions, to assist in delivering the transition message, to re-engage the current employees and to support the candidate and HR to exit in an appreciative and respectful way.

Why Progress-U?

  • professionally trained and certified corporate coaches
  • international orientation – diversity in culture and spoken language
  • systematic and outcome oriented career-coaching approach
  • focus on senior executives and their needs
  • optional service for exit conversations
  • custom made process and pricing


Let's Talk

Would you like to discuss your case and find a customized, respectful and resourceful solution in NewPlacement coaching?

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