Executive Coaching 1:1

Executive Coaching

Why Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching has proven to be particularly effective because we usually do not advise our coachees what to do but use our coaching mindset, processes, and competencies to assist our clients in finding out what they would need to do differently to get to where they want to be faster and with increased chances.

While sharing their own experiences is an added value coaches may offer, we find that executive coaching is more effective when coachees have full ownership over their solutions and actions, leading to positive transformation and development.

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Other cases for coaching may include:

  • Supporting M&A’s
  • Work-Life-Balance issues
  • Negotiations
  • Guidance during Crisis Management
  • Ongoing sparring partner for better decision making
  • Sales Management
  • Developing higher EQ
  • Overcoming low motivation
  • Public Speaking


Virtual or in Person?

Executive Coaching traditionally was delivered in person. However, two trends make virtual Executive Coaching increasingly attractive:

a) The need for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic makes virtual delivery of coaching a viable option

b) Video conferencing technology has vastly improved in recent years so that the difference between coaching in person and coaching virtually has become minimal.

Other benefits of coaching virtually:

+ Saving commuting time for coach and/or coachee

+ Scheduling is easier because it can be done from anywhere

+ The best coaches can be selected independent from their actual location

Typical Coaching Cases & Formats

We see executive coaching not as an intervention to 'fix' people but to assist them in accelerating their personal and professional development. Here is a list of typical coaching cases and formats:

Coaching Cases & Formats



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