Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Is Entrepreneurial Coaching for me?

The word 'coach' originates from the Hungarian word 'kocsi' (in German "Kutsche") which means a horse-cart. The purpose of such horse-cart is to help passengers to get their destination as fast, as conveniently, and as safely as possible. We consider this kind of coach a very appropriate metaphor for how we see coaching. The main purpose is to assist our clients in getting to where they want to be in a way that is as fast, as safe, and as effective as possible.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs can typically be divided into three main segments:

  1. Assistance before/during your business start-up
  2. Taking your business to a different level
  3. Redefining the business to achieve your personal goals

Some former employees consider self-employment. Progress-U's coaches may assist them in

  • Identifying suitability to be an entrepreneur
  • Identifying optimal areas to get started as entrepreneur
  • Planning the transition
  • Avoiding major pitfalls
  • Sharing resources to get started

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