Higher Performance and Improved Retention through Coaching as a Leader


Completing this highly practical program will enable you to start effectively coaching as a leader. After successful completion, you will be awarded the Progress-U ‘Leader as a Coach’ Certificate.

Who should attend?

  • Managers, executives, professionals or business owners who want to drive individual and team performance;

  • Leaders who want to perfect their coaching skills to be more effective;

  • Members of teams looking to drive collaboration, reduce friction, enhance productivity and ultimately improve performance;

  • Organizations wishing to develop an internal capability to coach their employees to maximize organizational performance.

Why attend this program?

  • You want a program with a successful track record since 2004

  • You want a program that was designed specifically for coaching in organizations

  • You want a program with proven quality that is part of an internationally accredited program with ICF and Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™ )

A coaching leadership style leads to increased employee engagement, greater levels of innovation and retention of top talent. In addition, it inspires employees to take ownership for their actions, develop problem solving skills (making them more self-reliant) and drives them to explore untapped potential.

The Leader As A Coach program consists of the first two modules from our worldwide accredited International Corporate Coaching (ICC) Program.

Experience a Unique and Comprehensive Learning Journey including :

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LAAC Components

  1. Self-Awareness: Harrison Assessments Paradox Report
  2. Pre-Learning: DigiPro Digital Micro-Learning
  3. Workshops: Interactive Virtual Live Sessions
  4. Embedding: Supervised Practice & Teleclasses
  5. Practice: Coaching with Peers and Others
  6. Reinforcement: Reading & written assignments

NOTE: For Leader As A Coach participants who decide to continue their coaching journey and want to become an internationally certified coach, it is possible to continue with our ICC Certification Program.


  • What it takes to become a professional coach
  • 5 Aspects of the coaching mindset
  • Start practicing 6 essential coaching competencies
  • Discover your strengths and areas for development
  • Practice Coaching Models (G.R.O.W and A.S.S.A.P.P.P)
  • Understand when to coach and when not to coach


  • 5 further core coaching competencies
  • Personal foundations essential for professional coaches
  • Introduction to Assessments and their use in coaching
  • About flexing your style as a Coach
  • Models to complete coaching assignment (G.A.P, 12-Steps)
  • Coaching on beliefs and values

Program starts:
08 Aug (Mon & Wed)
(all HKT/SGT/CST = UTC+8hrs)


26 Aug (Fri & Sat)
Fri 18:00hrs-20:00hrs
Sat 11:00hrs-15:30hrs
(all HKT/SGT/CST = UTC+8hrs)

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This program will give you credits for the full International Corporate Coaching (M1-M4) program. Please refer to the two program schedule options below:


Starts: 08 Aug ’22  – Mon & Wed (& Fri)
Time : 17:00-19:00hrs

ICC M1 – Session 1 – Mon 08 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 2 – Wed 10 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 3 – Mon 15 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 4 – Wed 17 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 5 – Mon 22 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 6 – Wed 24 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 7 – Mon 29 Aug

ICC M2 – Session 1 – Mon 07 Oct
ICC M2 – Session 2 – Wed 10 Oct
ICC M2 – Session 3 – Mon 12 Oct
ICC M2 – Session 4 – Wed 17 Oct


Starts: 26 Aug ’22  – Fri & Sat
Time : Fri 18:00-20:00hrs |  Sat 11:00-15:30hrs

ICC M1 – Session 1 – Fri 26 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 2/3 – Sat 27 Aug
ICC M1 – Session 4 – Fri 02 Sept
ICC M1 – Session 5/6 – Sat 03 Sept
ICC M1 – Session 7 – Fri 09 Sept

ICC M2 – Session 1 – 14 Sept
ICC M2 – Session 2/3 – 15 Sept
ICC M2 – Session 4 – 21 Sept

Faculty Facilitators :
Charlie Lang, Ruma Biswas and Susan Milford
Progress-U C-Suite Coaches and Facilitators

Charlie Lang
Ruma Biswas
Susan Milford

If you would like to customise and run this program in-house, drop us a message below.

Are you aspiring coach and/or want to be a professionally trained coach? Get started with our International Corporate Coaching (ICC) Program. Starts 13 April ’22

Already an experienced and certified coach? Take your coaching to the next level with the Advanced Professional Coaching (APC) Program. Starts 14 Jun ’22