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Complimentary Webinar for aspiring coaches or corporate coaches who want a professional certification with ICF and/or WABC™

International Corporate Coaching (ICC)

  • why professional coaching is more critical today than ever
  • what are the crucial attributes of a professional coach
  • Progress-U’s unique approach to developing coaching excellence 
  • the accredited path to obtain two internationally recognized coach certifications with ICF and WABC™

Complimentary Webinar for Experienced Professional Coaches looking for Advanced Certification with ICF and/or WABC™

Advanced Professional Coaching (APC)

  • what distinguishes ordinary and extraordinary coaches
  • how to deepen and broaden your coaching mastery
  • how to use this program for the ICF re-certification or for advanced certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) and/or Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™)

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