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2017 Global Conference of ‘The Global Coaching Partnership’ in Hong Kong hosted by Progress-U

The Global Coaching PartnershipWe are highly excited about the unique opportunity to host the 2017 conference of The Global Coaching Partnership (TGCP) in Hong Kong in the week of 15th May 2017. Representatives of some of the finest coaching organizations on the globe will meet to share ideas and shape the future development of coaching. We will organize learning and sharing events that will allow you to connect with and learn from these global experts. Stay tuned or contact [email protected] for more information.


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Integrated Team Development – Progress with Purpose

Increasingly, our clients realize that simple 1:1 coaching programs for top executives are not sufficient to drive substantial transformation with their teams. Therefore, Progress-U has designed and delivered integrated Team Development programs that comprise of assessments, 1:1 executive coaching, team coaching, shadowing, learning safaris, assignments and other interactive elements, supported through an online e-platform. Contact us to learn how we could support your senior teams to become the best they can be for sustained success.


Developing Future-Ready Leaders in Mass Retail

Progress-U China is rolling out a tailor-made leadership development program for 12 cohorts of middle managers for a major European retailer in China. The program is conducted in Putonghua and is targeted at making these participants (most of whom belong to the Post-80s generation) ready for more senior leadership roles. To learn more about this program, contact [email protected]


Coaching for Mentors & Leaders

This month we launched a program on supporting senior leaders of a foods company to develop coaching competencies to start coaching their direct reports as well as applying coaching in mentoring sessions. Learn more about Progress-U’s Leadership Coaching Programs


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Read our monthly news on the latest trends in leadership and coaching, including interesting articles and updates by our Progress Experts.

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