For Managers to improve, grow and develop skills

1. Who will benefit from “True Progress 360-M”?

  • Managers who want to understand their working style and behaviours
  • Executive coaches and assessment/HR specialists who work with executives
  • To learn about the 14 buying motivators

2. How it works

  • Self-assessment + feedback from superiors, peers, direct reports and others (web-based)
  • Generation of detailed report providing valuable insights through comparison of collected perceptions

3. Unique Benefits of “True Progress 360-M”?

  • Flexible contents – due to its design, we can easily modify the contents of the questionnaire to make sure all measurements fit with your specific needs
  • Higher accuracy – we don’t only ask for rating behaviors but also for the importance of each criteria resulting in a 2nd dimension.
  • Easy to use – it is fully web-based, i.e. assessors can provide feedback at their convenience. The questionnaire is available in English and Simplified Chinese. On request and at surcharge also in other languages. Bilingual questionnaire is also possible

4. Sample Questionnaire

Complete a sample questionnaire for TRUEPROGRESS 360-M, a 360 degree assessment for managers.

5. Receive a Detailed Sample Report

How we can help you with True Progress 360-M?