Progress-U is an official distributor of Harrison Assessments (HA) for Asia.

HA uses a 20-30 minute behavioural assessment questionnaire, leveraging sophisticated cross-referencing to achieve results that equals a multiple choice questionnaire with over 2,700 questions (which would otherwise take hours to complete).

Why use Harrison Assessments (HA)

  • Full Talent Management Cycle including recruitment, talent development and retention, team effectiveness and succession planning.

  • Revealing shadow behaviors to better understand contradicting behavioral patterns and how to overcome them. The unique HA Paradox Report, based on psychological opposites can help you understand how to develop certain weaker traits.

  • Awareness is the first step to positive change for more success. HA is an effective and unbiased tool to create more awareness.

  • Highly accurate – you can trust the results. HA measures your consistency in completing the questionnaire to ensure reliable results.

  • Easy to administer, reports can be generated within minutes upon completing the questionnaire.

How can we help you with Harrison Assessments for Individuals and Teams?