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True Progress ESI

The True Progress Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI), a unique management tool which enables organizations to have a precise, scalable and qualitative understanding of individual employee satisfaction and their relationship with the management team.

Delivered Benefits

The tool gives valuable insights on staff retention, employee perception and leadership effectiveness of individual managers. The results of True Progress ESI deliver the base to make better decisions about:

  • How to minimize your staff turnover
  • How to become an employer of first choice
  • How to improve your company’s overall performance

The Process

True Progress ESI is designed to be flexible and easily adjusted to company specific needs. The online survey is easy to access and it takes just 20 minutes to complete.

Your employees have anonymous access to an online questionnaire, which has been assigned to their department. This enables to protect the individual, while providing relevant information about their manager, their department, the specific unit or the company as a whole.

At the conclusion of the process your ESI results will be analyzed and presented to your senior management team by our consultants. Our specialist will participate in the whole process from a first staff communication briefing to a final presentation to your management team. You will get a better understanding on how employees perceive the organization from inside.

Of course throughout the process all information is kept confidential.

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