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Progress-U's Asia CXO Partnership (ACP) regularly publishes articles targeted at C-Level Executives (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, etc.).


Leave a legacy through a strong corporate culture"Leave a legacy by developing a strong corporate success culture" SCMP Classified Post, Charlie Lang

The Excitement of Purposeful Transformation"The Excitement of Purposeful Transformation" Progress-U, Charlie Lang

CEO Magazine  "Onwards and Upwards", CEO Magazine, Sep/Oct 2016

The Making of a Senior Finance Leader"The Making of a Senior Finance Leader" Progress-U, Pauline Tang

Are Your Top Leaders Top? Are Your Top Leaders Top? - by Charlie Lang

Talent Coaching"New Trend in Asia: C-level Executives Certified as Talent Coaches" Human Resources, Charlie Lang

The Groupness Factor"How to Achieve a Corporate Success Culture through First-Class Leadership" Excerpt from the book “The Groupness Factor” by Charlie Lang



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