Values & Mission

Values and Mission


Progress-U's Mission Statement

What it means to us

  • We are passionate about helping our clients’ progress, no matter whether they are individuals, groups, teams or whole organizations
  • We are passionate about the progress of our people – we want to see them grow and become the best they can be in their field of work
  • We are passionate about the progress of Progress-U – building a unique, purpose driven and highly impactful organization excites us
  • We are deeply passionate about the progress of society – it is important to us that our paid and pro-bono work makes a positive difference in the world



Progress-U Values

The foundation of Progress-U’s being and how we conduct our business is based on our core values:


    Partnering internally and externally is crucial to our business success. This means we engage in effective cooperation with all stakeholders, open information sharing and constructive conflict handling.


    Trust is at the core of who we are and what we do. It means that we do our utmost to be trustworthy through deep care for each individual as well as through being highly competent and reliable.


    As an international player, we work with a large degree of diversity. Respect means for us that we appreciate and even celebrate differences. Even in challenging situations, we will never forget to remain respectful of the other party.


    All Progress-U employees and associates push boundaries to set the highest standards in everything we are doing for the benefit of all stakeholders.


    We believe that you can only be at your best and maximize your impact if you enjoy most of what you are doing. Therefore, we aim at maximizing our enjoyment with anybody who we engage with.