Values & Mission

Values and Mission


"Passionate About Progress"

The main purpose of our business is to assist organizations and individuals in achieving the progress they aspire for. Profitability is important in order that we may sustain our business and have sufficient funding to expand this positive impact we want to make on organizations, individuals, and the community. We are also passionate about our own progress, collectively as an organization and individually. Only if we remain at the forefront of 'progressing', we can best support our clients and society at large to progress as well.



The foundation of Progress-U’s being and how we conduct our business is based on our core values:

  • CARE - We truly care about our clients, our business partners, our colleagues and the community in general.
  • PROFESSIONALISM - We maintain the highest professional standards in everything we do.
  • INTEGRITY - We do what we say and we demand the highest level of integrity in everything we do.