By Pauline Tang, Asia Leadership Center, Progress-U Asia

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We are happy to share a progress story with you today.

Graduates of Progress-U’s former CFO Leadership Journey Asia Program are so pleased with the impact the program makes on their career, they nominated it in the ‘Best Corporate Leadership Program’ category in HRM Asia’s Readers’ Choice Awards of 2016.  Progress-U went on to become an official finalist, having demonstrated the company’s remarkable track record, and sharing an inspiring story of an executive who reached his goal with learnings and support from this program.

Let’s keep progressing with purpose!

Pauline Tang

Asia Leadership Center, Progress-U Asia

[email protected]

CFO - Senior Finance LeaderJason was excited about being assigned to oversee the Finance Division at the headquarters of a global firm.  It was a step the CEO made to groom him for his next position as CFO.

Soon after arriving, Jason noticed a widening distance from his staff, who seemed to take matters into their own hands and avoided contact with him.  Just as he felt isolated and frustrated, he entered the CFO Leadership Journey Asia Program, a scheduled step in his development plan.  The Program opened his eyes and mind with approaches that proved transformational:

  • Harrison Assessments, a talent assessment tool lifted Jason to a new level of self awareness and providing insights in areas he would most likely succeed.
  • 360 Degree Feedback solved many puzzles for Jason.  Feedback including those from his staff indicated his contradictory communication style, timid on one hand and blunt on the other.  He also learned that his management style and knowledge needed updating.
  • Mentoring sessions with credible and experienced mentors facilitated paradigm shifts for Jason.Complimentary Briefing
    • Coaching sessions provided on-going support and partnership as Jason made necessary changes for improvement.
    • Peer Group Learning created a unique platform for Jason to exchange experiences, reinforce learning, and develop fresh perspectives and solutions with a community of leaders he related to.  Encouraged and inspired, Jason turned many ideas into action.
    • Workshops provided innovative, contemporary skillsets for management effectiveness and leadership development.

    Willing to improve and appreciative of the opportunity, Jason tapped into his new-found support and insights gleaned from the Program to make long-lasting changes that eventually secured his position as CFO of the company.  To date he remains dedicated to continuously updating himself with new leadership and communication skills.