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Progress-U's Professional Corporate Coach Certification Programs (PCCCP) have been carefully developed to comply with the strict requirements of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). The PCCCP is the only suite of coach certification programs in Asia that is both WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC)™ and WABC Accredited (Level 2 - CBC)™ as well as ICF ACSTH approved. The various modules may also be used for re-certification as they are also ICF CCE approved.
Progress-U的专业企业教练认证项目(PCCCP)是根据世界企业教练协会(WABC™)和国际教练联合会(ICF)的严格要求精心开发的。PCCCP是亚洲唯一一套由世界企业教练协会认证1级-RCC™和2级-CBC™的教练资格认证项目,同时经国际教练联合会的ACSTH申请途经认可。由于各模块被国际教练联合会的教练继续教育(ICF CCE)所批准,因此也可用于重新认证。
Feel free to join our complimentary webinars on Coach Certification that we conduct on a regular basis for the programs in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Shanghai (in English & Putonghua) and Singapore.

Complimentary Webinar on Coach Certification (English)

"A Unique Approach to Developing Coaching"

This event is for you, if

  • You want to know how to best develop coaching excellence; and/or
  • You want to know about the surprising facts that strongly impact the success of any coach development program; and/or
  • You want to understand the various internationally recognized coach certificates and discover which route might be most suitable for you


Date: Coming Soon!
Language: English
Time: 12:00-13:00 (HK Time = UTC+8) / 09:30-10:30 (IST)
Access: Webinar (You will receive the login information for the webinar platform upon registration to this event.)
Investment: Complimentary (RSVP required!)

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  • 你希望认识最佳的培养优秀教练方式; 和/或
  • 你希望知晓一些出人意表的事实,它强而有力地影响教练发展项目的成功与否; 和/或
  • 你想要了解各种国际公认的教练证书,寻找最适合你的路线图


时间:09:30 – 10:30 (中国时间 = UTC+8)

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