Advanced Professional Coaching (APC) program


For Experienced Coaches: Advanced Professional Coaching program (APC) leading to the WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) credential and can be used towards ICF (re-)certification.


You are eligible to receive the WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) designation and certificate upon successful graduation from APC which includes four elective advanced modules (out of 6 elective modules), one mandatory module, final exam and research paper; for dates for aspiring new coaches, see International Corporate Coaching program (ICC). If you have completed any other recognized foundation coach training, you might be eligible for credits towards M1/2. We will review each case individually.



Continuing Coach Education Units ICFCBC Route:

You may use these advanced modules either as CCE units for recertification or as ACSTH units for applying for either ACC, PCC or MCC credential. In order to be eligible to use these modules as ACSTH units, you will need to enroll in at least two of these modules.

Hong Kong

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Module "Team Coaching"
(February 06-07, 2018)



Module "Group Coaching"
(March 07-08, 2018)



Module "Coaching with Assessments"
(April 12-13, 2018)



Module "High-Level Executive Coaching"
(May 31- June 01, 2018)



Module "Coaching with EQ & Intuition"
(July 17-18, 2018)



Modle "Career Coaching"
(August 21-22, 2018)






Program Brochure Event Brochure


Module "Group Coaching"
(January 29-30, 2018)



Module "Coaching with Assessments"
(February 27-28, 2018)



Module "High-Level Executive Coaching"
(March 19-20, 2018)



Module "Team Coaching"
(June 04-05, 2018)



Module "Coaching with EQ & Intuition"
(June 12-13, 2018)









Program Brochure Event Brochure


Module "Team Coaching"
(February 22-23, 2018)



Module "Coaching with EQ & Intuition"
(March 22-23, 2018)



Module "Group Coaching"
(May 03-04, 2018)



Module "Coaching with Assessments"
(June 14-15, 2018)



Module "Career Coaching"
(July 11-12, 2018)



Module "High-Level Executive Coaching"
(August 23-24, 2018)







NOTE: For certification, participants need to complete 4 out of 6 elective modules followed by the mandatory module
"High-Level Executive Coaching" during which participants will take the final exam. Also, they will need to complete
a coaching research paper for certification.

Each of the modules include:

  • 2-Day Workshop (including lunch and tea breaks)
  • 1 x 120mins Teleclass
  • 1 x 90mins Supervised Practice Session
  • 1 x One-on-one Mentoring Session with Facilitator
  • 1 x Book Review
  • 3 hours of peer coaching practice
  • 9 hours of client coaching practice
  • Access to e-platform for sharing of additional resources and facilitator interaction

Participants who commit to the whole APC Program (4 elective modules + 1 mandatory module) receive One Year
WABC Affiliate Membership™ and the WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) certificate (upon successful completion)


Complimentary Webinars



To join any of the modules, please download the registration form for your preferred location:

  Registration Form Hong Kong

  Registration Form Shanghai

  Registration Form Singapore