Executive Coach & Facilitator, Tokyo


About this Coach

She has worked at one of the worldwide renowned Japanese semi-conductor manufacturers as an overseas sales manager, in charge of expanding the distribution in Europe and the United States. In her role, she has grown her revenues by 10 times in 5 years. (20 billion yen business), and also developed a new business model and started the project from scratch. As a result, she has won the Executive Director’s Award for Innovative Challenges.

Intellectual curiosity to learn all kinds of knowledge is one of her strength. She is also a practitioner of active listening. When a client voices words unconsciously, she reads the meaning of what is being said non-verbally and helps her coachees discover beliefs and inner speech. Her way of retaining self-confidence, raising self-efficacy and exerting leadership is highly valued among the CEOs and executives she is coaching. Moreover, she is able to “ignite the fire” inside her clients.

She takes an active role in the International Exchange Group (IEG) which focuses on researching the links between spoken language and human nature. She has met with people from over 50 countries to test IEG’s theories and thus gained a deep understanding of transnational communication.


  • Professional Coach certified by the Foundation of Global Life Learning Center
  • Certified Coach A Class Coach

Expertise / Services Provided

  • Executive Coaching for General Managers & Senior Managers
  • Seminars & Workshops on Strength Profiling and Ability Development
  • Seminars, Workshops & Keynote Speeches on Cross-Cultural Communication and Learning Non-native Languages
  • Seminars on Leadership and Talent Development
  • Seminars for Self Development (Values / Needs)

Assessments / Tools

  • Future Design Sheet
  • Strength Development Tools (Separate / Identify / Release / Maximize)
  • Harrison Assessments
    • TrueProgress 360 Degree Assessment

Corporate Experience

  • Over 20 years of leadership experience in mid-sized trading company, World-class manufacturer, private organization for international communication and other related business.
  • Taught International Understanding in Turkey and France

International Exposure

  • Extensive business trips to United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea
  • Home stay in Turkey, France, Laos, Columbia, Singapore, Canada and Hungary


  • Services provided in: Japanese
  • English: Business Level
  • French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Turkish: conversational level